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If you love supernatural fiction or enjoy stories that deal with harder truths, my books are just what you've been looking for. I write stories that deal with real life traumas and coming-of-age challenges—sometimes through a fantastic lens and sometimes head on. Like any fiction author, I write what I know, and I build my stories around excitement, change, and even the hurt that often precedes a profound self-discovery. My books deal with difficult topics like teen depression, which many young people battle every day, and explore what it means to be different, whether in a supernatural or a very real way.

Writing is my passion and my solace, and it's great to be a part of such an old tradition. I especially enjoy helping others and I find great joy in writing and personal correspondence to my fans. I invite you to check out my latest works in the world of fiction and encourage you to reach out with questions, comments, or discussion topics. It would be a pleasure to meet or chat with you about my stories or writing process.


Second Book in the
Gifted Series

Coming Soon this Winter

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Feedback for Gifted

"Gossip Girl and Harry Potter meets Gifted.
This is outstanding and compelling."

- Fiction Vixen

Toni Hawkins

About the Author

Toni Hawkins was born April 1, 1992, in Washington, D.C. She later relocated in Montgomery County and attended Northwood. Ever since she was twelve years old, she has possessed a love interest with writing and language. While she was in high school, she used her free time to read fiction and nonfiction books and to study poetry.

In the beginning, Toni started off writing short horror stories during her freshmen and sophomore years in high school. As she got older, she continued to develop her passion and skill for writing, finally publishing her first novel, Gifted, in 2016. Currently, she uses her degree in mass communications to work as a freelance editor through her business, Tonimaria's Studio, where she also offers an eclectic selection of custom stationery. She is now working on the second book in the Gifted Series.


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